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about 3 years ago

And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! Go to the Welcome! gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and get feedback from fellow hackers.

Common Questions:

Q) How come I didn't win more than one prize?

A) The same eligible Application may NOT win multiple Category and Bonus prizes. The same Application may win one Category OR one Bonus prize AND the First 50 Submissions prize. If you were eligible for more than one prize you were awarded the prize with the highest value. 

Q) How come I didn't win the popular vote?

If you tied in a bonus category the winner was determined by their judging rank.

Q) How do we get paid?

A) Winners of each category will be contacted by the TigerGraph Staff and will walk through the distribution of funds. Please note we will send funds to only one person on the team and they're required to distribute the rewards. 

Additional Questions: 

Please contact